Aaron J Smith

Professional jack of all trades

Email: aaron@aaronjsmith.me
Phone: 801.709.0170
Web: aaronjsmith.me


I am a professional jack of all trades,  I started building websites when I was a preteen, I have been doing web design as my sole career for over a decade.

Proudly Employed

2014 – now

Manager of IT & Development at Propeller Inc.

* Development of HTML5/PHP/JS/MySQL applications that interact with bar code scanners
* Providing IT services. Installing Servers, Maintaining IT Equipment, Managing Phones Systems, Windows Server 2003 – 2012 R2, Maintaining online presence.



Back End – PHP, Object Oriented Programming, MySQL, WordPress Plugins, Crons, WHM & Cpanel,Minor Regex writing, Silex, Digital Ocean

Client Side – Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, WordPress Themes, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive CSS, Mobile Web Development, Twig, Legacy Windows Mobile 5 Appplications

Software Experience – Mac OS X, Linux (Ubuntu & Varients, Cent OS), Windows, Adobe Suite, Sublime Text

Office Skills – Diagnosing Network, Managing Projects, Consulting with Clients.

Social Media